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Published: 11/12/2016 Preselect a country dropdown box based on a users location

There has been some research that suggests that for every field you add to a sign up form it adds another percentage point of users who will not complete the form. For this reason it is really important to only capture information you really need on a sign up form. We have created a really simple jQuery plugin to auto fill the users country based on their IP Address.

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Published: 13/11/2016 How to get a users location from an IP Address in PHP/Laravel Framework

To make an awesome user experience in today's globalised world it is important to localise your website for your visitors and users. You may have different languages or translations of your website or you simply want to show content relevant to your users location. The most reliable and simple way to do this is by getting the requested users IP Address and getting the city/country information from IP Find's API and then redirecting to the correct pages.

You can get the package on github here or install it from composer like this:

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Published: 30/12/2015 How to convert IP address to an integer or a long

Sometimes it is important to convert an IP address eg. to an integer or a long for storage in a database for lookups or for various other reasons. Let this be a definitive guide :)

Eg. Can become 2130706433

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